Last changed: 21/9-98

S 12 Heinkel He114

ISSN 0345-3413

Why make a book about the aircraft S 12, one might wonder. Primarly because this is an aircraft type of which very little has been documented. There were only 12 aircraft of this type at F 2 Wing during 1941-1948. One aircraft was sold in 1948, civil registered and flew a few years on fish carrying missions in Northern Sweden.
When talking to the people that were operating the S 12 phrases like: ”The best aircraft ever flown” and ”tremendous water and air performance” can be heard.
It is unfortunate tragic that no aircraft has been saved for a museum.

- Inledning (Foreword)
- Konstruktion (Design)
- Serietillverkning och tjänst inom Luftwaffe (Series manufacturing and service in the Luftwaffe)
- Export av He114 (Export of He114)
- He114 till Flygvapnet (He114 for the Air Force)
- Leverans (Delivery)
- Vapenprov (Armament tests)
- Krigsfall (Break-out of the Second World War)
- Inledande tjänst (Opening service)
- Utrustningsalternativ (Alternative equipment)
- Vi flyger S 12 (Flying the S 12)
- Katastrofer (Disasters)
- Missöden (Mishaps)
- Bentoldrift (Use of Bentol)
- Äntligen alla S 12 i tjänst (At last all S 12s in service)
- Isflottörer (Ice floats)
- Baseringar (Bases)
- Statistik (Statistics)
- Modifieringar (Modifications)
- S 17-flottörer till S 12 (S 17 floats for the S 12)
- Haveri och bärgningar (Crashes and salvages)
- Fler S 12 till Flygvapnet? (More S 12s to the Air Force?)
- S 12 som målbogserare (S 12 as a target tug)
- Målning och märkning (Colour and markings)
- Divisionsmärke (Squadron badges)
- Episoder med S 12 (Episodes with S 12)
- Totalhaverier (Total write-offs)
- Civila S 12 (Civilian S 12s)
- Data och prestanda (Data and performance)
- Plastmodellbygge av S 12 (Building plastic models of S 12)
- English summary
- Litteratur (Sources)

The book can be bought from:
SFF Medlemsservice
Bygatan 29
293 73 Jämshög