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Torpedflyget i Sverige

ISBN 91-85496-44-8

Torpedo aviation in Sweden only occupies a small part of aviation history, although interesting. It affects a part of naval history as well, since it was the Naval Air Service that initiated the torpedo trials.
The Air Force (Flygvapnet or FV) was founded on July 1st, 1926 as a separate defence branch, taking over the torpedo development. As it was beset with problems through all the years torpedo aviation in Flygvapnet never was a great success.
A total of 31 aircraft were involved in launching torpedoes, subdivided into six different types. 14 Caproni Ca313 T 16A aircraft were also destined for torpedo operations but were never used.
Flygvapnet types actually launching torpedoes:
Friedrichshafen FF 49C – 2 a/c
Heinkel HD14 (“Bellona”) – 1 a/c
T 1 Heinkel HD16 – 2 a/c
T 2 Heinkel He115 – 12 a/c
T 3 (B 3D) Junkers Ju86K – 13 a/c
T 18B SAAB 18B – 1 a/c
In the early 1980s the circle came to a close. The Naval Air Service was again dropping torpedoes, this time from helicopters, HKP 4B and HKP 4C (Boeing/Vertol 107), hunting for submarines.
The book contains around 300 unique pictures, most of them never published before, and a large summary in English.

- Inledning (Foreword)
- Källor (Sources)
- I begynnelsen (In the beginning)
- Torpedflyget förverkligas med viktiga förberedelser (The torpedo aviation is realised with important preparations)
- Flygplansanskaffning (Purchase of aircraft)
- Svenska fällningsförsök (Swedish test drops of torpedoes)
- Ytterligare prov (More trials)
- Fortsatta studier (Continuing studies)
- 2. flygkåren - F 2 (2nd Air Corps - F 2)
- T 1-epoken inleds (The T 1 era starts)
- Leverans till 2. flygkåren (Delivery to the 2nd Air Corps)
- Trögt för torpedflyget (Torpedo aviation in the melting pot)
- Heinkel HE 115
- T 2 Leverans (T 2 delivery)
- Med T 2 till Norge (With T 2 to Norway)
- Månaderna före krigsutbrottet (The months before the start of the Second World War)
- T 2 ombaserar (T 2s relocate)
- T 2:orna märks om (The T 2s are repainted)
- Torpedbehov och CTV i Motala (Torpedo need and the Central Torpedo Workshops in Motala)
- Det samtida utländska torpedflyget (Contemporary foreign torpedo aviation)
- 1942-1944
- T 2 blir diversearbetare (T 2 becomes a oddjobber)
- Vi laddade, de andra sköt (We loaded, the others fired)
- T 2 tabell (T 2 table)
- Finns det någon He115 kvar? (Is there any He115s left?)
- T 1 och T 2 på film (T 1 and T 2 in movies)
- Caproni som torpedbärare (Caproni as torpedo carrier)
- B 3D som torpedflygplan (T 3) (B 3D as torpedo bomber)
- B 3D tabell (B 3D table)
- Fältander och B 3D (Fältander and the B 3D)
- Beskrivning av samtida flygminor (Description of contemporary aerial dropped mines)
- Torpedflygplanet SAAB T 18B (Torpedo bomber SAAB T 18B)
- Lufttorpeder (Airborne torpedoes)
- Marinen återupptar torpedfällningarna (The navy resumes torpedo operations)
- HKP 4
- Helikoptrarnas torpeder (The helicopter torpedoes)
- HKP 6
- Plastmodellbygge av torpedbärarna (Building plastic models of the torpedo carriers)
- Svensk-engelsk ordlista (Swedish-English dictionary)
- English summary

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