Swedish newspaper clips from the days after the emergency landing. Unfortunately I don’t not which papers they come from and I don’t know the exact dates either.

Left clip:

Armed courier aircraft made an emergency landing
German aircraft carried dismantled machine-gun aboard.
The aircraft is kept and the crew is interned.
Stockholm on the 19th (August 1943) (T.T.) (T.T.= Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå approx. Newspapers bureau of Telegrams)
The defence staff states the due to a faulty engine a German aircraft, announced as a courier aircraft, made an emergency landing at Rommehed on Monday afternoon.
The aircraft and the people aboard – five crewmembers and two passengers, of which one is a woman – was taken in charge by the military forces. The crew and the male passenger was wearing uniforms and at examination a dismantled machine-gun was found aboard. The aircraft will be kept and the crew and the male passenger will be interned.

Right clip:

German commander admitted armament.
Borlänge on the 19th (T.T.)
The German courier aircraft, which was of a rather large type, swept over the Tuna area at around 1630. It was understand from the manoeuvring of the aircraft that it was about to land and the aircraft dropped light-signals signalling an emergency landing. Apparently there was something wrong with one of the engines which had made continuing flying impossible and the manoeuvring of the aircraft indicated that they were looking for somewhere to land.
The commander of the Swedish forces, which took care of the aircraft, made a first interrogation and asked among other things for armament aboard. The German commander admitted that they carried a dismantled machine-gun aboard.
A report was sent from the Swedish commander to the authorities in Stockholm, otherwise the regulations that are used nowadays for the taken in charge of emergency landed foreign courier aircraft was followed.
(The short notice bellow this article is about an German Ju52 which was repulsed by Swedish anti-aircraft fire above Simrishamn, Skåne. This location indicated that the article is from one of the big newspapers covering the whole of Sweden.)

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