Newspaper clip from Falu Kuriren on 20 July 1943.

The German courier aircraft was forced to land on the Romme field.

Dismantled machine-gun aboard.

The crew is interned.

Private to Falu Kuriren.
Borlänge, Monday.
Shortly before 1700 on Monday afternoon the air defence warning service at Rommehed was surprised when a non-reported aircraft approached from south. It was first thought to be a Swedish aircraft but when it came within sight it was recognised as a German courier aircraft with the German badge and a blue ribbon around the fuselage. When the aircraft came over the stations airfield it went down very low and a red rocket was thrown out to mark an emergency after which it landed without being damaged.
With the aircraft came five crewmembers and two passengers of which one was a woman. When they stepped out of the aircraft, armed guards hurried towards them and the Germans waved calming towards them. All the people aboard were taken in charge and were billeted in one of the military barracks at Rommehed. At examination of the aircraft, one dismantled machine-gun was found. The aircraft was a large three engined aircraft. According to information the emergency landing was forced due to a faulty fuel tank (sic!).
The commander of the Swedish forces, which took care of the aircraft, made a first interrogation and asked among other things for armament aboard. The German commander admitted that they carried a dismantled machine-gun aboard.
A report was sent from the Swedish commander to the authorities in Stockholm, otherwise the regulations that are used nowadays for the taken in charge of emergency landed foreign courier aircraft was followed.

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