Biplane fighter aces


Lieutenant Jan Maes

Image kindly via Peter Taghon.

Jan Maes served with the 4/II/2 Aé equipped with Fiat CR.42 at the time of the German invasion of Belgium in May 1940.

In the early morning on 10 May the IIème Group was ordered to evacuated from Nivelles to Landing Field No 22 at Brustem.
At 06:05 five Fiat CR.42s took off from Brustem to provide cover for the airfield. The second patrol (Sous-Lieutenant Jean Offenberg, 1er Sergent Maes and 1er Sergent Alexis Jottard) attacked Dornier Do 17s and a Bf 109. Offenberg claimed one destroyed Do 17, and fired on one other aircraft, which dived away. One of the aircraft he shot at was a Dornier Do 17 of II/KG77, which was damaged east of Waremme at 06.30 (there are some confusion regarding Offenberg's claims and some sources only credits him with a damaged Do 17). Maes damaged a Dornier Do 17 of II/KG77, near St Trond at 06.30. This claim is not confirmed.

Maes ended the war with one damaged enemy aircraft. This was claimed while flying biplanes.

Kill no. Date Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  10/05/40 1 Do 17 (a) Damaged Fiat CR.42   near St Trond 4/II/2 Aé

Biplane victories: 1 damaged.
TOTAL: 1 damaged.
(a) Dornier Do 17 of II/KG77 damaged east of Waremme at 06.30. This claim is not confirmed.

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Additional information kindly provided by Lars Larsson and Peter Taghon.