Biplane Fighter Aces from the Second World War

A number of countries produced aces that flew biplane fighters during the Second World War.

Iíve been trying to find as many as possible and also get as much information as possible about when and how.
Included are aces with at least one victory with a biplane fighter.

Some countries didnít produce any aces flying biplane fighters (or any aces at all for that matter) but I have included as many as I have found relevant, but more help is needed here.

Sometimes itís very difficult to find information about different biplane fighter aces, biplane fighters and countries that used biplane fighters during the Second World War.
There are many biplane fighters who may have produced aces during the war. Example: The Gloster Gladiator, The Fiats CR.42 and CR.32, the Polikarpov I-15 family (I-15, I-152, I-153 etc.), Bristol Bulldog, Avia B-534 etc.
If anyone could provide me with more information I would be very grateful.

Is there anyone out there with information about names, units, dates etc., I would very much appreciate the possibility to take part of it. Please feel free to contact me.