Biplane fighter pilots


Frantisek Brezina

Brezina was a pilot who at least flew the Avia B-534 during the Second World War.
He flew for the Slovak Air Arm during the Second World War and also took part in the Slovak National Uprising, where he flew in the Combined Squadron.
No confirmed kills have been found for him while flying the Avia B-534.
On 25 July 1941 Ctk. (Sergeant) Frantisek Brezina’s Avia B-534 was damaged by Soviet AA fire and he was forced to land behind enemy lines. He was rescued by Ctk. Stefan Martis who landed alongside and brought him home, clinging to the wing struts!
Brezina ended the Second World War with a total of 13 victories.

Avia B-534 - Jirí Vraný, 1994
Additional information is kindly provided by Pavel Vancata.