Biplane fighter pilots


Catár Viliam Grún

From left to right: M. Lisický, F. Pociatok and Viliam Grún in the cockpit of a Heinkel He 111
Image kindly provided by Jan Safarik

During the Polish invasion 1939, catár (Sergeant) Viliam Grún were shot down and made an emergency landing on Polish territory, but avoided capture, eventually making it home after a very treacherous journey.

On 26 September 1939 a two-aircraft patrol attacked a Polish RWD-8 which was fleeing to Hungary and it was shot down by catár Grún. The Polish aircraft force-landed near Presov. However no Polish plane was found by ground-troops so it is possible that the Polish pilot only made a forced landing and took of again after Grún left.

Grún ended the war with 1 unconfirmed biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 26/09/39   1 RWD-8 (a) Destroyed Avia B-534   near Presov 39th letka

Biplane victories: 1 unconfirmed destroyed.
TOTAL: 1 unconfirmed destroyed.
(a) Not confirmed.

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Avia B-534 - Jirí Vraný, 1994
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