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Viliam Jaloviar

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During the Hungarian attacks on Slovakia on 23-24 March 1939, the 45th and 49th letka operated from Spišská Nová Ves airfield. These units were equipped with Avia B-534s. The units were severely short on flying personnel due to the departure of personnel of Czech nationality to the Protectorate.
Commander of the 45th letka was J. Svetlik and he had to his disposal six pilots (J. Pálencek, J. Hergott, František Hanovec, Martin Danihel, J. Zachar and Jaloviar).
Commander of the 49th letka was Ján Prhácek and he had to his disposal four pilots (C. Martiš, Š. Devan, Michal Karas and M. Žiaran).

At the time of the invasion of Poland Viliam Jaloviar still served in the 45th Flight, flying Avia-B534s.

During the German invasion of Poland, Slovak fighters clashed with Polish aircraft.
Three B-543s from the 45th letka flown by František Hanovec, M. Žiaran and Jaloviar took off from Naršany on 6 September. At 12:18 (alternatively 08:06), they intercepted a Polish R-XIII near Presov from 56 Squadron, which was on an artillery spotting mission and shot it down. The pilot E. Porada parachuted but was taken POW while the observer M. Piasecki was killed.

Viliam Jaloviar was KIFA on 9 September while performing aerobatics near Presov in B-534 no. 367.

At the time of his death Jaloviar was credited with one shared biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  06/09/39 12:18 1/3 R-XIII (a) Shared destroyed Avia B-534   near Presov 45th Flight

Biplane victories: 1 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 1 shared destroyed.
(a) Polish R-XIII from 56 Squadron shot down. The pilot E. Porada was taken POW while the observer M. Piasecki was killed.

Most of this information is prepared by Ondrej Repka with kindly permission of Mr. Stano Bursa.
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