Gloster Gladiator in 267 RAF Squadron service

267 Squadron
Reformed on 20 August 1940 at Heliopolis, Egypt, by re-designating the Communication Unit, Heliopolis.
Code letters: "KW". It not know of any codes were used on the Gladiators.
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
K7925   From 141 Sq.
15/01/40 To Marshalls.
01/10/40 To 8 MU.
20/02/41 To 52 MU.
15/03/41 To Marshalls.
06/04/41 To 6 MU.
03/05/41 To 52 MU.
Shipped to the Middle East.
To 267 Sq.
30/06/42 Swung on landing on soft ground, Heliopolis. To 1411 (Met) Flight.
K7963   From 1411 (Met) Flight.   01/08/43 SOC.
K8003   From 1563 (Met) Flight.   31/06/44 SOC.
K8036   From 80 Sq. 04/02/42 Engine cut and force landed in sand dunes between Bardia and Sollum; W/O W. Bain MIA but later safe.  
N5825   From 33 Sq. (possibly 80 Sq.).   To 1411 (Met) Flight.

Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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