Gloster Gladiator in 274 RAF Squadron service

274 Squadron
Amriya, August 1940 to November 1940.
Gladiators' equipped one flight of this squadron before it became wholly equipped with Hurricanes.
Code letters: It is not certain if the officially allocated code letters "YK" was used on the Gladiators.
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
N5750   From 33 Sq.   To 3 RAAF Sq.
N5756   From 33 Sq.   To 3 RAAF Sq.
N5786   From 33 Sq.   To 3 RAAF Sq.
N5810       To 3 RAAF Sq.
N5819   From 33 Sq.    
N5829     Also used in 112 Sq. To 1412 (Met) Flight.

Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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