Gloster Gladiator in 2 SAAF Squadron service

2 SAAF Squadron
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
N5813   From 1 SAAF Sq. 09/10/40 Shot down by own AA fire and over-turned on crash-landing on an island in the Nile 16km south of Juba while transferring to 1 SAAF Sq.; Lt. B. R. Dimmock lightly WIA.  
N5815   From 1 SAAF Sq.   09/11/40 To 1 SAAF Sq.
N5818     13/10/40 Damaged when struck the lagoon during low-level beat up and crashed at Port Reitz, Mombasa; Lt. L. R. Dudley safe. Aircraft salvaged and repaired.  
N5826   From 1 SAAF Sq. 23/10/40 Destroyed when crashed while doing low-level high-speed aerobatics at Nanyuki; 21-years-old 2/Lt. Alastair McDonald (Saaf no. 202943) of ‘C’ Det. KIFA.  
N5831   From 1 SAAF Sq.   To 1412 (Met) Flight.
N5850       To 1 SAAF Sq.
N5851   From 1 SAAF Sq.   09/11/40 To 1 SAAF Sq.
N5856   From 1 SAAF Sq.   12/40 To 1 SAAF Sq.

Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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