Biplane fighter pilots


Before the Second World War broke out, the Elleniki Vassiliki Aeroporia (Royal Hellenic Air Force) flew a mix of aircraft. Among the fighters (mostly PZL P.24s) there was a small number of Gloster Gladiators (19 Mk.I and 6 Mk.II) and Avias B-534 (2). During the Italian invasion in 1940 and the German subsequent onslaught in 1941 these aircraft were used as much as possible. During this bitter conflict the Greek pilots claimed a number of biplane victories.

Following pilots were credited with biplane victories during this time:

Fighter pilots with biplane claims:

Name Biplane victories Total no. of victories Note
Anastasios Bardivilias 1 1  
Ilias Dimitrakopoulos 1 1  
Ioanis Kellas 2 3 Top Greek biplane fighter pilot.
Nikolaos Kostorizos 3 3  

The Royal Hellenic Air Force claimed at least four more victories with the Gloster Gladiator, but no more names have been found.

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