Biplane fighter aces



Alfonsi served as a volunteered in the Spanish Civil War in the XVI Gruppo.

On 15 November, Tenente Giuseppe Cenni, Bernardino Serafini ("Del Pelo") and Alfonsi claimed a shared probable I-16 over Madrid.

Alfonsi ended the war with one shared probably destroyed biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  15/11/36   1/3 I-16 Shared probable Fiat CR.32   Madrid XVI Gruppo

Biplane victories: 1 shared probably destroyed.
TOTAL: 1 shared probably destroyed.

Giuseppe Cenni, pilota in guerra – Giuseppe Pesce, 2002, USSMA, Rome, kindly provided by Stefano Lazzaro.
Additional information kindly provided by Stefano Lazzaro and Giovanni Massimello.

Last modified 13 April 2010