Biplane fighter aces


Sergente Maggiore Guido Pongiluppi

© Renato Zavattini

28 March 1909 – 1987

Date Decoration Note
30/06/37 Medaglia d’argento al valor militare O.M.S.

Guido Pongluppi was born in Revere (province of Mantova) on 28 March 1909.

He served as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, and he was sent to Spain for the first time on 15 February 1937 to serve in the 2a Squadriglia of I Gruppo.

On 22 April, the 2a Squadriglia of I Gruppo became the 26a Squadriglia of XVI Gruppo ”Cucaracha”.

On 24 May, Sergente Pongiluppi (CR.32 NC.208) and Sergente Eugenio Salvi (NC.093) took off on an alarm start between 17:05 and 18:30. At 4500 meters over Bilbao they saw a ”Curtiss” which they chased and shot down as a shared between them.
It seems that this was an I-15 flown by José Marin, who was shot down. He had been part of a 12-aircraft strong patrol under the command of teniente José Riverola Grúas.

He left Spain on 1 October 1937.

Then, he returned there on 15 February 1939 (arrived in Spain on 20 February) to serve in the Squadriglia Sperimentale G.50 for testing in combat the new Fiat G.50 fighter. He flew various missions but made no contact with enemy aircraft.

He returned to Italy again on 4 May 1939.

During the Second World War he flew missions over Malta and served also as instructor for fighter pilots in Gorizia.

Pongiluppi ended the war with 4 biplane victories.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  24/05/37 17:05-18:30 1/2 I-15 (a) Shared destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.208 Bilbao 26a Squadriglia
1 04/06/37   1 I-15 Destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.128 Bilbao 26a Squadriglia
2 12/07/37   1 I-16 Destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.509 Villanueva de la Cañada 26a Squadriglia
3 18/07/37   1 R-Z Destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.509 Valdemorillo - Navalcarnero 26a Squadriglia
4 18/07/37   1 R-Z Destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.509 Valdemorillo - Navalcarnero 26a Squadriglia
  26/07/37   1/2 SB Shared destroyed Fiat CR.32 NC.509 Villanueva de la Cañada - Brunete 26a Squadriglia

Biplane victories: 4 and 2 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 4 and 2 shared destroyed.
(a) José Marin shot down.

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Additional information kindly provided by Renato Zavattini.

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