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Sottotenente Aurelio Vedovi

Date Decoration Note
??/??/40 Medaglia di bronzo al valor militare O.M.S.

Aurelio Vedovi was from Pieve di Sacce (Padova).

Vedovi served as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, using the nom de guerre “Velati”. He served in the 101a Squadriglia commanded by Capitano Giuseppe D’Agostinis. This unit was based on Mallorca.

At dawn on 31 May, a lone Potez 540, flown by the Czechoslovak pilot Jan Ferak, bombed Palma de Mallorca, causing about ten dead and about thirty wounded. On the return flight it was intercepted at 4000 m over the sea by Capitano Giuseppe D’Agostinis (‘4’), Sottotenente Ippolito Lalatta and Sottotenente Vedovi, whom hit it with several bursts and set the left engine on fire. The bomber turned towards Mallorca and crashed near Andraitx.

Vedovi ended the war with 1 shared biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  31/05/37 1/3 Potez 540 (a) Shared destroyed Fiat CR.32   Mallorca area 101aSquadriglia

Biplane victories: 1 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 1 shared destroyed.
(a) Potez 540 flown by Czechoslovak pilot Jan Ferak shot down.

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