Biplane fighter aces


Tenente Piero Vodret

30 March 1918 -

Piero Vodret was born on 30 March 1918.

On 1 October 1939, he was commissioned (in Servizio Permanente Effettivo).

He was promoted to Tenente on 6 February 1941.

Tenente Piero Vodret became CO of the 391a Squadriglia of 159o Gruppo, 50o Stormo Assalto after the death of Tenente Eugenio Antonelli. This unit was equipped with Fiat CR.42s and operating over North Africa in the ground attack role.

Between 14.10 and 15.05 on 27 October 1942 a formation of five CR.42s from the Squadriglia (equipped with three aircraft of their own and two borrowed from 389a and 390a Squadriglie) attacked armoured vehicles in the Tell el Tisa area. In this area the 9th Australian Division with support from 51st British Division and 1st British Armoured Division was attacked by the 164th German division at the Kidney Ridge. The 15th Panzer Division and the Littorio Division supported the German division.
The Squadriglia became heavily engaged by enemy fighters and in the ensuing combat one P-40 was claimed by Tenente Vodret who also claimed a second as a damaged. His aircraft was then hit in the oil cooler and he was forced to make an emergency landing at El Ostegia. Tenente Jadanza claimed a P-40 and a second as a damaged while Sottotenente Marini claimed a damaged.

This was the last successful combat of the Squadriglia, which was withdrawn to Italy on 15 January 1943 to be re-equipped with Fiat G.50bis

In 1943, he still served in the 50o Stormo.

Tenente Piero Vodret remained as CO of the 391a Squadriglia until the Armistice.
During the war, he was decorated with the Croce di Guerra al valor militare.

Vodret ended the war with 1 biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 27/10/42 14:10-15:05 1 P-40 Destroyed Fiat CR.42   Tell el Tisa area 391a Squadriglia
  27/10/42 14:10-15:05 1 P-40 Damaged Fiat CR.42   Tell el Tisa area 391a Squadriglia

Biplane victories: 1 destroyed, 1 damaged.
TOTAL: 1 destroyed, 1 damaged.

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Additional information kindly provided by Stefano Lazzaro.

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