Biplane fighter aces


Warrant Officer Shimura

In December 1941 Shimura served on the seaplane tender Kamikawa Maru flying the Mitsubishi F1M2 ‘Pete’ biplane scout.
On 17 December 1941 Japanese invasion forces were operating on the northern part of Borneo. During the day Japanese shipping off the northern coast was attacked by Dutch Glenn Martins and Do24s flying across the island from bases in south Borneo. First to appear was Do24 X-34 of GVT-7, which attacked one vessel with 450 lb. bombs but was then intercepted by Shimura (F1M2 ZI-13). He engaged the flyingboat at about 8,000 feet and shot it down, the Dornier carrying out an emergency landing with two of its crew dead. The survivors floated in their dinghy for many days, finally getting ashore three weeks later, 260 miles to the south, where they became prisoners. The crew was subsequently executed in 1945, shortly before the Japanese capitulation.
Two hours later six bombers identified by the Japanese as Blenheims but in which were in fact Glenn Martins of 2-VIG-I, attacked in bad weather conditions. Shimura in ZI-13 was again in the air, attacking the hostile formation at 12,000 feet and claimed one shot down. On this occasion however, there was no Dutch loss.
Shimura ended the war with 2 biplane victories.

Kill no. Date Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 17/12/41 1 Do24 (a) Destroyed F1M2 ZI-13 off N Borneo Kamikawa Maru
2 17/12/41 1 Glenn Martin (b) Destroyed F1M2 ZI-13 off N Borneo Kamikawa Maru

Biplane victories: 5 destroyed.
TOTAL: 5 destroyed.
(a) Do24 X-34 of GVT-7 lost. Two of crew killed the rest POW’s.
(b) Glenn Martins of 2-VIG-I, which suffered no losses.

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Alexander Crawford has been most helpful, while compiling this information.