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Soviet Union

Major Aleksandr Vasil’yevich Alekseyev

28 May 1906 –

Aleksandr Alekseyev was born on 28 May 1906 in Babinka in the Voronezh region.

In 1926, he joined the Red Army.

In June 1942, major Aleksandr Alekseyev served in 71 IAP-KBF, which still was partially equipped with Polikarpov I-153s

During the night of 5 June 1942, pilots from the 71 IAP-KBF made seven sorties against a reported 35 He 111s and Ju 88s that were attacking the southern forts of Kronstadt.
Four of the bombers were claimed by the Soviet pilots when Ivan Serbin claimed one shared bomber with Petr Biskup and a second with Alekseyev. Starshiy leitenant Aleksandr Baturin and kapitan Ivan Gorbachev claimed one He 111 each.
It seems that Biskup is credited with two shared He 111 in this combat.

Between 00:40-02:45 on 6 June, five I-153s and two I-16s from 71 IAP-KBF tried to repel enemy bombers in the Kotlin area. Major Alekseyev tried to intercept one but it skilfully used the cloud cover and at 01:15, Alekseyev decided to break above the upper deck of clouds. At an altitude of 3500m visibility was good and after making a turn, he noticed a Ju 88 heading east. Alekseyev attacked from behind and the bomber crashed in the Kotlin area.

Between 00:40-02:30 on 8 July, three I-153s and three I-16s from 71 IAP-KBF intercepted enemy bombers attacking torpedo boats near the northern forts of Kronstadt. Kapitan Petr Biskup and kapitan Konstantin Solovev attacked and claimed a shared destroyed Ju 88. The ground forces confirmed this claim.
It is possible that this claim only was credited to Biskup since he is credited with a single victory in this combat.
During the same raid, major Alekseyev claimed a Ju 88, which crashed into forest on Björkö island.

Alekseyev ended the war with 1 shared biplane victory and a total of 2.

He continued to serve after the end of the Second World War.
During his career, he was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner three times and the Order of the Red Star twice.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
  05/06/42 night 1/2 He 111 Shared destroyed I-153   Kronstadt area 71 IAP-KBF
1 06/06/42 01:15-02:45 1 Ju 88 Destroyed Polikarpov   Kotlin area 71 IAP-KBF
2 08/07/42 00:40-02:30 1 Ju 88 Destroyed Polikarpov   Björkö 71 IAP-KBF

Biplane victories: 1 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 2 and 1 shared destroyed.

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