Biplane fighter aces

Soviet Union

Nikita Petrovich Doletskiy

Doletskiy served in 3./7 IAP during the Finnish-Soviet Winter War. This unit was equipped with Polikarpov I-153s.

Soviet troops pressed closer to the city of Vyborg on 9 March and the fronts bent but didn’t break. LeR 1 kept a close watch of the enemy ground movements while LeR 2 and LeR 3 kept on the strafing and bombing of the troops in the invasion area and attacked the supply columns.
At 12:20, vänrikki Jouko Myllymäki (Morane MS-330) of LLv 28 claimed an I-16 over Uusikirkko.
At 16:30, two I-153 were claimed shot down over Viipurinlahti. These were claimed by vänrikki Kauko Linnamaa (Fiat G.50bis FA-20) of LLv 26 and Danish luutnantti Mogens Fensboe (Morane MS-320) of LLv 28.
Morane MS-322 of LLv 28 was shot down over Vilalahti at 17:00 and luutnantti Erkki Lupari was wounded.
7 IAP was heavy involved in the combat during the day and was the only VVS units claiming victories during the day when they claimed eight fighters and one bomber.
Starshiy leytenant Vladimir Kurochkin and Franchuck of 1./7 IAP (I-16) claimed two shared enemy fighters.
Kapitan N. M. Kidalinskii of 4./7 IAP claimed an enemy bomber.
Starshiy leytenant Georgii Zhuikov of 3./7 IAP (I-153) claimed two enemy fighters.
Nikita Doletskiy of 3./7 IAP (I-153) claimed one enemy fighter.
Viktor Karpukhin of 3./7 IAP (I-153) claimed one enemy fighter.
Georgiy Glotov and mladshiy leytenant Nikolay Ivanov of 3./7 IAP (I-153) claimed a shared fighter.
Mladshiy leytenant Aleksey Nikitin of 3./7 IAP (I-153) claimed one unconfirmed enemy fighter.
No VVS fighters were lost during the day.

Doletskiy ended the war with 1 biplane victory.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 09/03/40   1 Enemy fighter (a) Destroyed I-153   Gulf of Vyborg 3./7 IAP

Biplane victories: 1 destroyed.
TOTAL: 1 destroyed.
(a) 7 IAP claimed 8 fighters and 1 bomber during the day without losses. Finnish fighters claimed 3 Soviet fighters during the day while losing 1 Morane.

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