Biplane fighter aces

Soviet Union

Leitenant Ivan Aleksandrovich Konovchenko HSU

14 August 1917 – 26 April 1942

Ivan Konovchenko was born on 14 August 1917.

He joined the Army on 29 January 1940 and graduated from Chuguev Military Aviation School of Pilots.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, leitenant Konovchenko served in 38 IAP, flying Polikarpov I-153s on the North-Western Front.

Leitenant Ivan Balyuk claimed a shared Ju 88 over Kobylkino on 15 August. This claim was made together with two more pilots and it is possible that these were Aleksandr Yelkhov and leitenant Konovchenko.
Leitenant Konovchenko also claimed one additional Ju 88.

On 17 August, 38 IAP claimed one shared destroyed Do 17 and one shared destroyed Bf 110. Involved pilots seems to have included starshiy leitenant Vasiliy Grishin, leitenant Konovchenko and mladshiy leitenant Ivan Ilyin.
Leitenant Konovchenko also claimed one Bf 109 during the day.

On 19 August and while returning from reconnaissance, he engaged Ju 88s near Zuyevy-Gorki village. After having used all his ammunition in the battle, he intentionally struck one Ju 88 with the propeller.
Konovchenko was wounded in the ram but managed to land his fighter.

As of 20 August, he had flown 76 combat missions.

He was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner on 16 April 1942.

On 26 April 1942, leitenant Konovchenko was shot down and killed in air combat while flying a LaGG-3.

At the time of his death, Konovchenko was credited with 3 biplane victories and a total of 4.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 15/08/41   1 Ju 88 Destroyed I-153   North-Western Front 38 IAP
  15/08/41   1/3 Ju 88 Shared destroyed I-153   Kobylkino 38 IAP
2 17/08/41   1 Bf 109 Destroyed I-153   North-Western Front 38 IAP
  17/08/41   1/? Do 17 Shared destroyed I-153   North-Western Front 38 IAP
  17/08/41   1/? Bf 110 Shared destroyed I-153   North-Western Front 38 IAP
3 19/08/41   1 Ju 88 (a) Destroyed I-153   Zuyevy-Gorki area 38 IAP
4 25/04/42   1 Ju 88 Destroyed LaGG-3   North-Western Front 38 IAP

Biplane victories: 3 and 3 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 4 and 3 shared destroyed.
(a) Claimed in a ”taran” ramming attack.

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