Biplane fighter aces

Soviet Union

Major Vasiliy Yakovlevich Terent’yev

1918 –

Date Decoration Note
23/07/43 Order of the Red Banner 1st
02/11/44 Order of the Patriotic War, 1st Class  
28/03/45 Order of the Red Banner 2nd
16/05/47 Order of the Red Star 1st
20/06/49 Medal For Military Merit  
03/11/53 Order of the Red Star 2nd

Vasiliy Terent’yev was born in 1918.

From July 1941, mladshiy leitenant Terent’yev served in 13 IAP on the Reserve Front. This regiment was equipped with Polikarpov I-153s.

On 27 July, mladshiy leitenant Nikolay Proshenkov claimed a shared Bf 109 together with anther pilot over Yel’nya. It’s possible that he claimed this together with leitenant Viktor Udovenko since it’s known that he claimed one shared Bf 109 together with another pilot during the day.
Mladshiy leitenant Terent’yev claimed one Bf 109 during the day at an unknown place.

Between 7 September and 6 October, the regiment was pulled back for re-organization and was re-equipped with Yak-1s.

The regiment went back to combat operations on 8 October on the Crimean Front.

Seven Yak-1s from 13 IAP claimed one Ju 88 as a shared destroyed over Bagerovo on 3 November. Known pilots taking part in this claim are Ivan Bazarov, Nikolay Proshenkov, Terent’yev and Viktor Udovenko.

The regiment was again withdrawn from combat operations on 4 December and at the same time, Terent’yev was posted away from the regiment.

Terent’yev was posted to 18 GIAP in January 1943.
This regiment resumed combat operations on the Western Front with Yak-7Bs on 22 February 1943.

In September, the regiment re-equipped with Yak-9s.

On 24 April 1944, the Western Front was renamed to the 3rd Belorussian Front.

Between 29 June 1944 and 27 August, they re-equipped with Yak-3s.

On 27 August 1944, the regiment was posted to the Belorussian Front with their new Yak-3s.

Major Terent’yev ended the war with 1 biplane victory and a total of 3.
These had been claimed during 190 combat missions (as of 1 March 1945).

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 27/07/41   1 Bf 109 Destroyed I-153   Reserve Front 13 IAP
  03/11/41   1/? Ju 88 Shared destroyed IYak-1   Bagerovo 13 IAP
2 14/07/43   1 FW 190 Destroyed Yak-7B   Western Front 18 GIAP
3 16/01/45   1 FW 190 Destroyed Yak-3   Belorussian Front 18 GIAP

Biplane victories: 1 destroyed.
TOTAL: 3 and 1 shared destroyed.

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