Swedish Voluntary Aviators

Göran Oscar Axell

20 September 1917 – 30 October 1999

Göran Axell was born on 20 September 1917 in Stockholm.

He volunteered for service in Finland during the Winter War.

In Finland, he served as a machine-gunner in LeR 3.

During the Winter War, he also served in T-LeR 2 and LLv10/LeR 1.

He was decorated for his services in Finland.

After his service in Finland, he worked for Flygförvaltningen in Sweden as an aeronautical engineer. Later still, he worked at the Aviation Company "Salén och Wickander".

He was married on 25 March 1944.

Göran Axell passed away in Stockholm on 30 November 1999.

Sveriges Dödbok 1947-2006 – Sveriges Släktforskarförbund
Additional information kindly provided by Carl-Fredrik Geust.

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