Swedish Voluntary Aviators

Fältväbel Bertil Bjällby

15 May 1908 – 7 November 1942

Bertil Bjällby was born on 15 May 1908 and was from Stockholm.

Before volunteering for service in Finland, he served as a conscripted Furir (sergeant) at F2.

He volunteered for service in Finland during the Winter War.

In Finland, he served as a pilot at F19 (SFK no. 890).

He received the Finnish Flying Badge "Honoris Causa" n:o K 50 on 28 January 1940.

When he returned to Sweden, he continued to serve in the Swedish Air Force at F2.

He was killed in a flying accident on 7 November 1942 in a Saab B-17S from F2, which crashed at Ullnasjön, Täby, probably due to a faulty elevator.

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