Swedish Voluntary Aviators

Korpral Roland Sahlberg

18 December 1914 - 2006

Roland Sahlberg was born on 18 December 1914.

He served as air-gunner and observer at F4 (Wing no. 4) at Östersund between 1938-39.

He volunteered for service at F19 in 1939. At this time he held the rank of korpral and was a radio-operator.

Nothing more is known about his service in F19 during the Winter War.

He was decorated with a Finnish Medal of Valor in bronze and the “Lappi” medal on 8 August 1940.
He was also decorated with the Finnish Air Force observer badge on 14 October 1988!

Roland Sahlberg passed away in 2006.

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Additional information kindly provided by Nils Herlitz and Peder Thorell.

Last modified 4 May 2009