Gloster Gladiator in 127 RAF Squadron service

127 Squadron
Iraq and Syria, June 1941 to July 1941.
Operated one flight of Gladiators (the other flight had Hurricanes) mainly in Syria.
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
K7899   29/06/41 From 94 Sq.   28/10/41 To Meteorological Flight, Habbaniya
K7907   29/06/41 From 4 FTS.   To 261 Sq.
K8048   29/04/41 From 3 RAAF Sq.   To Air Depot Iraq.
30/10/41 To Iraq Conversion Flight.
27/04/42 Swung on landing and undercarriage leg collapsed at Habbaniya.
01/07/42 SOC as beyond economical repair.
N5857   From 123 Sq. Later to Iraq Conversion Flight and after this to Shaibah. To ‘X’ Flight.

Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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