Gloster Gladiator in 237 RAF Squadron service

237 Squadron
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
K7948   From ‘K’ Flight. 06/04/41 Swung on landing at Asmara, wheel torn off and damaged beyond repair. 15/04/41 SOC.
K7984   From 261 Sq. 14/04/42 Destroyed in accident; F/O Simmonds KIFA. 23/05/42 SOC (560.15 hrs).
K8025   From 112 Sq. 12/06/41 Tyre burst on take off. Swung on landing and wing hit ground at Khartoum. Destroyed beyond repair.  
N5789   From 1 SAAF Sq. 16/03/41 1 CR.42 claimed by P/O Simmonds.  
N5815   From ‘K’ Flight. 24/05/41 Overshot landing, swung and rolled over at Asmara.  
N5820   From 1 SAAF Sq.   To 5 SAAF Sq.
N5824   From 1 SAAF Sq.   01/05/43 SOC.
N5827       To 80 Sq.
N5830   From 1 SAAF Sq.   To 1411 (Met) Flight.
N5853   From 1 SAAF Sq. 25/03/41 Damaged by Hurricane over Keren.
31/03/41 Damaged by AA, force-landed and abandoned near Keren; P/O Simmonds returned safely.
N5856   From 1 SAAF Sq.   01/05/43 SOC.

Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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