Biplane fighter aces

Soviet Union

Leitenant Yefim Filippovich Vasil’yev

1916 – 22 July 1941

Date Decoration Note
13/08/41 Order of the Red Banner  

Yefim Vasil’yev was born in 1916.

He graduated from Kachinskaya flight school in 1938.

Leitenant Vasil’yev took part in the Soviet-Finnish Winter War serving in 72 SmAP-SF of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet between January and March 1940. In this regiment he flew I-15bis.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, leitenant Vasil’yev still served in 72 SmAP-SF.
At the outbreak of the war, the regiment was equipped with I.15bis, I-153s and I-16s.

The I-153s from 72 SmAP-SF claimed Ju 88s during the day and two of them were claimed by leitenant Vasil’yev and leitenant Maksim Vinichenko, which claimed one each.

Starshiy leitenant Vasiliy Volovikov and leitenant Vasil’yev claimed a shared Ju 87 over Vayenga airfield on 22 July.
Leitenant Vasil’yev was killed in air combat during the day (same combat?).

At the time of his death, Vasil’yev was credited with 2 biplane victories.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 08/07/41   1 Bf 109 Destroyed Polikarpov I-153   Air Force of the Northern Fleet 72 SmAP-SF
2 17/07/41   1 Ju 88 Destroyed Polikarpov I-153   Air Force of the Northern Fleet 72 SmAP-SF
  22/07/41   1/2 Ju 87 Shared destroyed Polikarpov I-153   Vayenga airfield 72 SmAP-SF

Biplane victories: 2 and 1 shared destroyed.
TOTAL: 2 and 1 shared destroyed.

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