Biplane fighter pilots


Fänrik Einar Tehler

5 February 1917 – 30 June 1986

Einar Tehler was born on 5 February 1917 in Varberg.

At the time of his volunteering to F19, he was reservkadett (cadet in the reserv) in the Swedish Airforce reserve.

On 7 March 1940, two SBs from 34 DRAE (long-range reconnaissance) of AG Spirin were shot down 65km southeast of Uleåborg. The aircraft were shot down at Vaala by fänrik (Pilot Officer) Tehler of F19 and crashed at Utajärvi.
Both crews (Lieutenant Aleksejev, Sub Lieutenant Morozov and Sub Lieutenant Segkin in one aircraft and Captain Grebennikov, Lieutenant Matsnev and Sergeant Major Lepika in the second) were killed.
Tehler who had been scrambled from Vaala reported that the combat took place above clouds against three SB-2s at 14:00-14:10. The right SB was hit first. White smoke evaporated at first, which changed over to black smoke. The aircraft began to lag behind its formation and stated to descend against the ground. He then attacked the left aircraft. His hits were good. During the combat, his Gladiator was hit in one of his fuel tanks and he had to return to Vaala. The return flight was dramatic and he was drenched in gasoline. He did a half-roll and prepared to force-land after he had turned of the fuel tap. When he passed below 400 meters, he re-opened the fuel tap and restarted the engine since he hadn’t found any good place to force-land on. He was able to fly his damaged fighter to forward base ”Ulrik” at Uleåborg. On the ground, the aircraft was examined and it was found that the bullet had penetrated the fuel tank and carried on into the compass in the cockpit.

One of the SBs shot down by Tehler.

He returned to Sweden after the cease-fire on 13 March 1940.

Tehler continued to serve in the Swedish Air Force during the rest of the war and did service in 1:a divisionen (1st Squadron) F9 (Wing no. 9). This unit was equipped with J11s (Fiat CR.42s) from October 1940. At then end of 1943 and during 1944 F9 was re-equipped with the indigenous Swedish fighter FFVS J22.

He was married on 5 January 1943.

Tehler ended the war with 2 biplane victories.

Einar Tehler passed away on 30 June 1986. At the time, he was living in Vällingby.

Kill no. Date Time Number Type Result Plane type Serial no. Locality Unit
1 07/03/40 14:10 1 SB (a) Destroyed Gladiator   65km SE Uleåborg F19
2 07/03/40 14:10 1 SB (a) Destroyed Gladiator   65km SE Uleåborg F19

Biplane victories: 2 destroyed.
TOTAL: 2 destroyed.
(a) SB-2s from 34 DRAE crashed; Captain Grebennikov, Lieutenants Aleksejev, Morozov, Segkin, Matsnev and Sergeant Major Lepika all killed.

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