Biplane fighter aces


During the Spanish Civil War one Yugoslavian volunteer became an ace while flying for the Republican side:

Biplane fighter ace:

Name Biplane victories Total no. of victories Note
Bozidar Petrovich 5 5 All victories claimed in the Spanish Civil War.

At the time of the German invasion on 6 April 1941, the Jugoslovensko Kraljjevsko Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo (JKRV - Royal Yugoslavian Air Force) flew a wide assortment and rather unique combination of aircraft. They flew among others the bombers Blenheims, Do 17Ks and S.79s. Among the fighter they flew both Bf 109s and Hurricanes. The Fighter Force also used obsolete Hawker Furies, which equipped the 5th (Fighter) Puk (approx. Wing).

Fighter pilots with biplane claims:

Name Biplane victories Total no. of victories Note
Djordje Cvetkovic-Ciga 2 2  
Konstantin Jermakov 1 1  
Milenko Milivojevic 1 1  
Vojislav Popovic 1 1  
Milorad Tanasic 1 1  

Known claims with the Hawker Fury in the Second World War
Yugoslavian Air Force use of the Hawker Fury during the Second World War

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