Gloster Gladiator in 805 FAA Squadron service

805 Squadron
HMS Glorious
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
N5509   27/03/41    
N5513 6-F From 806 Sq. Lost on Crete.  
N5517   From HMS Eagle’s Fighter Flight. 15/05/41 Lost on ferry flight from Maleme to Egypt.  
N5535   17/04/41    
N5538   27/03/41    
N5567 6-C 23/03/41 From HMS Eagle’s Fighter Flight.    
N5568   17/04/41    

Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk.I (N5567) of 805 FAA Sq. operating from Crete in June 1941.
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Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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