Swedish Voluntary Aviators

Vänrikki Hans A. E. Leuhusen

2 September 1899 – 14 March 1972

Baron Hans Leuhusen was born on 2 September 1899 in Jönköping.

He took part in the Finnish war of Independence in 1918.
After this, he served in the Spanish Foreign Legion in Morocco before taking part in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1938.

He volunteered for service in Finland during the Winter War and served from 9 February 1940 to 29 March 1940..

Here he flew with Bristol Blenheims in LeR 4 as an observer.

It is known that he flew some combat sorties, usually with vänrikki Kurt Björkvall (pilot) and kersantti Torolf von Wachenfeldt (navigator) as the crew.

He also served in T-LeR 2.

He was decorated with the Vapaudenristi (the Finnish Cross of Freedom) for his service in Finland.

On 11 July 1958, he was married.

Hans Leuhusen passed away on 14 March 1972. At the time he was living in Lerum.

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