Swedish Voluntary Aviators

Kersantti Torolf Fredrik von Wachenfeldt

16 April 1907 – 7 September 1978

Kurt Björkvall (left) and Torolf von Wachenfeldt in Finland during the Winter War.

Torolf von Wachenfeldt was born on 16 April 1907 in Linköping.

He had worked with aerial mapping before the war.

He volunteered for service in Finland during the Winter War.

In the beginning of the war, he flew reconnaissance and mapping missions in Northern Finland.

Later he flew with Bristol Blenheims in LeR 4.

It is known that he flew some combat sorties, usually with vänrikki Kurt Björkvall (pilot) and vänrikki Hans Leuhusen (observer) as the crew.

Nothing more is known about Wachenfeldt's service in Finland.

He was divorced on 12 October 1970.

Torolf von Wachenfeldt passed away on 7 September 1978. At the time he was living in Aplared.

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