Gloster Gladiator in 247 RAF Squadron service

247 Squadron
Roborough (with detachments to Exeter), August 1940 to January 1941.
Code letters: "HP".
At 19:15 on 6 November 1940, the last engagement by a home-based Gladiator was fought when P/O R. C. Winter of 247 Sq. intercepted a He 111 off Falmouth and claimed to have damaged it.
Serials Code Arrival Note Departure
K8049   From AAEE.
22/02/38 To Gloster.
15/06/38 To RAE for spinning and de-icing trials.
09/10/39 To Gloster.
17/06/40 To 6 MU.
15/08/40 To 247 Sq.
  20/02/41 To 6 MU.
15/03/41 To Marshalls.
07/05/41 To 6 MU.
20/08/41 To Christchurch Station Flight.
N2308 HP-B From 615 Sq.   To 2 AACU.
N5575   From RAE.   To 2 AACU.
N5576   From 605 Sq.   To 1402 (Met) Flight.
N5585   From 615 Sq.   02/10/42 To Admiralty.
N5622     07/11/40 18:47-19:40 Patrol; F/O Winter claimed 1 damaged He 111.  
N5631   From 263 Sq.   To 1560 (Met) Flight.
N5644   From Shetland Fighter Flight. 20/11/40 19:35- Patrol over St. Eval area. Flew into hillside at Way’s Height, Okehampton, and aircraft destroyed beyond repair; 22-years-old Sgt Robert Tudor Thomas (RAF no. 754426) KIFA.  
N5648   From 152 Sq.   To 1561 (Met) Flight.
N5649   From 263 Sq. 22/11/40 Hit dispersal on night take-off and crashed at St. Eval, Cornwall, and airctaft deswtroyed beyond repair; F/O N. J. C. Francis safe.  
N5682 HP-K From Shetland Fighter Flight.   To 1560 (Met) Flight.
N5684   From 263 Sq.   To 1562 (Met) Flight.
N5897       To 401 (Met) Flight.
N5901   From Shetland Fighter Flight. 27/08/40 Hit trees in forced landing at night while lost, Werrington, Devon, and destroyed beyond repair.  

Gloster Gladiator Mk.II (N2306) of 247 Squadron operating from Roborough, Devonshire, in November 1940.
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Gloster Gladiator in Commonwealth squadron service

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